Notes From Das Boot, 182

Monday, August 19, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Parken fest in Bodo (Norway)was solid. Nice little city and after the loooong ride any place that wasn’t moving would have been ok. Kvelertak had a heavier Turbo Negro thing going on that was really good live and Nick Cave/Bad Seeds were great. Christ, The Bad Seeds are such a great fucking band, delicate and bludgeoning. Then another 12 hour drive back down to Trondheim (also Norway) for Pstereo Festival. A good day, really good catering (the King’s personal chef cooked dinner, or so we were told) and one of the best bands I’ve seen in many a moon, Goat. Tough to describe, but since I’m a record store guy, let me over explain. Kind of like Eno/Byrne-My Life in the Bush of Ghosts played by a supergroup consisting of Fela Kuti’s band and The Heads. On record it’s pretty hot but live its a lot more heavy psych, fantastic stuff. We had a day off on Sunday before we flew, pretty lazy day. I went out for coffee to a hipster looking place, ordered a coffee and pastry. This drunk guy sidled up to me pointed at my tattoos, his tattoos and was jabbering, I told him I didn’t speak Dutch and he said in broken English “look, my tattoo” and pulled down his pants. Down, way passed mid hip and into the danger zone, “no man, that’s cool,nonononononono.”. There was something that looked like birth mark that should be looked at by a doctor but was actually a prison-esque tattoo of the playboy logo. He pulled up his pants, hugged me and was on his way. It was time to go home.

One of the singers from Goat, other Goats behind her

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  • Renzo Vanhie:

    Hi Tim,
    We spoke yesterday after the show. You were telling me you still had a box of Last Patrol-vynil, so I should check the site. I registered to get a warning when it was available, but maby you can help me out faster. Would be great!
    Super show yesterday, had a great time!

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