Tim's Tour Diary

Notes From Das Boot, 182


Monday, August 19, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Parken fest in Bodo (Norway)was solid. Nice little city and after the loooong ride any place that wasn’t moving would have been ok. Kvelertak had a heavier Turbo Negro thing going on that was… Read more…

Notes from Das Boot, 181


8/16/13 Bodo,Norway, Parken Fest
We were driving for quite a while and no interweb access, so here’s a few I wrote on the way

8/15/13 still en route on ferry to Norway 12:30am
Calling home costs a lot of money.… Read more…

Notes From Das Boot, 180


8/14/13, somewhere in Denmark-2pm
Long drive after the Heidelberg show, 1,700 miles to Bodo, Norway for the Parken Festival. We also said goodbye to Paco our merch guy who is leaving the tour to get ready for his US tour… Read more…

Notes From Das Boot, 179


August 12, 2013 / Lucerne, Switzerland

We are playing the Schuur it’s a good mid sized club. The thing that sticks in my head here was the front of house sound and lighting desk are housed in what looks like… Read more…

Monster Magnet on Tour
Powertrip - Live in Syndey - Sept 2009


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