Tim's Tour Diary

Notes From Das Boot, 178


Sunday, August 11 / Feldkirch, Austria

Day off in the middle of nowhere, but it’s a beautiful middle of nowhere so it’s ok. While having dinner tonight in the beer garden, a waitress tapped me on the shoulder or I… Read more…

Notes From Das Boot, 177


August 10, en route to Feldkirch, Austria

Show last night was really hot and humid. A packed house of damp people (not from the music, from the rain) with very little ventilation. Enthusiastic German crowds are hard to beat. Fueled… Read more…

Notes From Das Boot, 176


August 9, Munich Germany


We are playing the Backstage here in Munich. We’ve played here a bunch of times and almost every time it’s raining. Its like we asked for English weather on our rider and they turned on… Read more…

Notes From Das Boot, 175


August 8, 2013 / Haarlem, Netherlands

Day off in Haarlem yesterday, beautiful old city. There’s about ten percent of the tour I wish I could bring my wife out for, there’s about ten percent that’s not drudgery, stink and tension.… Read more…

Monster Magnet on Tour


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